My Philosophy

“Everything I do is devoted to one central idea which is to: 

Inspire people to appreciate the beautiful wonder of our world and to understand their place in it. 

Earth is our mother. She cares for us. She offers us bountiful experiences rich in beauty and learning.

When we connect with “our mother”, we form intense relationships & empathy with all things. It is through this strong bond of mutual caring that we create a harmonious and peaceful world.

In life, I do many things to spread this message: I speak, I write, I teach, I do. But in the end, no matter what I do, it is always to inspire people to understand their unique place in our wondrous world. ”

by Laurinda Jones

We desire to give two things to our children: the first one is roots, the other one is wings. 

African Proverb

Having spent the first 30 years of my life in Africa, I find this proverb so fitting to my philosophy; a combination of the following educational theories: 

  • Reggio Emilia Approach
  • Montessori Education
  • Rudolph Steiner Education
  • Nature Based Practice

In 2002 I immigrated to Australia and I am extremely grateful to call Australia my new home. I use the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (Belonging, Being, Becoming) as a tool to guide my curriculum decision making.


Being firmly rooted within a loving and supportive community is at the heart of children’s development. It is what makes them strong. Children feel secure when they know where and with whom they belong: first to their family and secondly to their wider community.

Children are strongly affected by the inner being of the significant adults in their lives.  Therefore, it is essential for adults to remain confident and calm in their interactions with, and around children.

As the facilitator of children’s learning, I will create a calm and protected environment where children and their family can build firm connections with each other, their community, culture and place.


From this protected space, children have room to ‘be’…

Childhood is a critical time rich in fantasy, curiosity and creativity. It is a time to be; for living in the now. A time to seek and make meaning of the world. A time to be interconnected with everything: the earth and planets, body and spirit.

Children’s learning is dynamic, complex and holistic. They have multiple ways of thinking, exploring, speaking and doing. They are strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge. They are our teachers; patiently informing us of their ability to be active participants and decision makers in their own learning.

As a co-constructor in children’s learning, I will offer beautiful learning environments rich with open-ended resources for many learning possibilities.

I will work alongside them to explore and document the many ways in which they make sense of and interpret their world.

I will encourage them to experiment in their own way; to make mistakes and find new solutions.


Throughout this rapid learning process, children’s identities, knowledge, understandings, capacities, skills and relationships are significantly changed and shaped.  They are becoming their own unique persons, with a better understanding of their world and who they are in it. They become aware of how to participate fully and actively in their community.

In every aspect of the curriculum, I will empower children to think about how they can care for themselves, each other and their environment.

I will nourish their acquisition of identity by providing them with endless opportunity to allow them to express who they are becoming in all areas of their lives.

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